Community Outreach

About OCOE

Utilizes community partnerships, organizational transformation and problem solving to proactively address, solve and mitigate crime and disorder. 

Through collaborative community partnerships, public safety and community members including business organizations and community stakeholders develop solutions to issues impacting the community and build trust.

The trust is supported by an alignment of organizational management, structure, personnel, and information systems to support proactive problem solving and community partnerships. 

Police Auxiliaries

Police Auxiliaries are a volunteer group created to augment the regular police force in times of emergency and to serve as approved by the Chief of Police. Upon acceptance to the program new auxiliaries will receive training multiple areas such as, crowd control, self defense, state laws, traffic control, city ordinances, first aid, etc. After completing the initial training, new auxiliaries may be assigned to assist with traffic control at special events, assist with providing security at a neighborhood festival, or working with a District Community Liaison Officer organizing block watch meetings.



Public Safety Cadets

The Public Safety Cadets are learning about a career in law enforcement. The program is a community based program which reaches out to youth in all parts of the City of Milwaukee. The program helps build understanding, provides role models, and helps to develop young people interested in law enforcement careers through training and hands on programs.

Citizen Academy