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Public Safety Cadets is a new, national non-profit organization founded and managed by active and retired law enforcement officers and business leaders dedicated to preparing young adults, ages 14-20, for careers and leadership in the public safety profession. 

The Milwaukee Police Department Public Safety Cadets learn about all facets of a career in law enforcement. The program is a community based program which reaches out to youth in all parts of the City of Milwaukee. The program helps build understanding, provides role models, and helps to develop young people interested in law enforcement careers through training and hands on programs. 



Thank you to everyone who participated! We look forward to next year.

National Competitive Training Conference

In July 2021, the Public Safety Cadets competed against 94 teams from multiple states and jurisdictions in their first National Competitive Training Conference in Gatlinburg Tennessee.

This training consisted of:

Active Shooter

Arrest & Search

Burglary in Progress

Person in Distress/Emotionally Disturbed Person

Felony Traffic Stop

Officer Rescue

Unknown Trouble

Force Options

Drill Team

Individual Competitions:

Bike Policing

Air Pistol Marksmanship

Air-soft Tactical Course