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Northwest Milwaukee is All Milwaukee

District Seven comprises a 13.32 square mile area with a district population in excess of 102,000 residents, making it a city to itself.

Originally, it was home to Milwaukee’s first business owners during the 1920s and 1930s, when the area represented the furthest part of the city. Later, it was the heart of the Jewish community. Now, District Seven features a large, diverse population. With its tree-lined streets, an accessible location to downtown and many affordable homes, including several architecturally unique buildings, it’s obvious why District Seven has become so popular.

On the eastern end of the district is a portion of the Century City industrial complex. The Westside of the district features parks like Kahl Park, Sherman Park, Dineen Park, Kops Park, Cooper Park, Nash Park and Lindsay Park. It’s also home to many distinct and vibrant neighborhoods such as Sherman Park, Grasslyn Manor, Enderis Park and the area around Mt. Mary University

The District Seven Police Station is located at 3626 W. Fond Du Lac Ave., Milwaukee, WI

This Summer has been filled with many different community events in District Seven! From National Night Out to Community Clean-ups, District Seven has been engaged with the community and is thankful to community partners like Safe & Sound, Inc. and the Salvation Army for their continued support.

Church Teams up with Police to Reach-out to Victims of Violence

District Seven teamed up with a Milwaukee church to pray for victims of violence.They went door-to-door, reaching out to those who have lived through violence.

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